Are Leggings Okay to Wear for Horse Riding?

Are Leggings Okay to Wear for Horse Riding?

When deciding what to wear for horse riding, several factors come into play. Among the available options for riding bottoms, there are two main categories: riding leggings and traditional jodhpurs. Let's explore the pros and cons of each.


Traditionally, jodhpurs have been the go-to choice for horse riders, prized for their practical silicone grip that enhances security in the saddle. They are often regarded as the most formal attire for horse riding, frequently chosen by riders for competitions. However, the materials used in jodhpurs can sometimes feel firmer compared to leggings.


In recent years, leggings have seen a surge in popularity among horse riders. Many opt for leggings that offer versatility across various activities such as horse riding, gym workouts, and more. Particularly among younger athletes, leggings are favored for their comfort, providing a closer contact feel to the saddle and greater freedom of movement.


Riding leggings undoubtedly present a viable option for horse riding attire. They tend to be more comfortable and versatile than jodhpurs, each with its own set of pros and cons.

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