Why choose seamless sportswear?

Why choose seamless sportswear?

Why choose seamless sportswear?

Let’s face it - there are tons of equestrian clothing brands out there. At Gal-Up, we believe that our products are truly unique, with distinct designs. 

Meet our Define & Train collection - seamless “riding to gym” sets that have been designed to flatter and sculpt your natural physique, whilst still remaining practical and durable. 

During our lengthy design process, we discovered that seamless activewear has a large number of advantages over the traditional, seamed clothing that is seen so regularly. Seamless clothing is designed through the use of advanced circular knitting machines.

So, what are some of the advantages of choosing seamless activewear?


With no seams in awkward, unwanted places (you know what we mean..), seamless activewear provides a more flattering fit that can fit your curves like a second skin. Seamless clothing tends to fit all body shapes better, with the higher elasticity allowing for more movement with your body. 


Less seams = less chafing (we all know how uncomfortable this can be, especially after a long day at the yard). Alongside this, there tends to be less annoying marks from seams on your body at the end of the day. 


Having fewer seams means that there is less chance of having tears and breakage of seamed areas, meaning the clothing tends to last longer.


As mentioned earlier, seamless activewear is more flattering, comfortable and durable. Therefore, these pieces can be used for a huge variety of activities and sports, whilst still offering that flattering look that you may want for other aspects of your daily routine. 

At Gal-Up, we absolutely love the seamless look. Whether you’re heading to ride, hitting the gym, or meeting the girls, our Define & Train collection has got you covered. Check out our seamless range available to shop here!

Sarah x

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